Subscription Payment Processing: 5 Businesses Who Need it

In this blog, we will look at the types of businesses that can benefit from subscription payment processing. In short, a payment processing platform that incorporates recurring payment functionality into its design.

1. Gyms

Gyms are popular these days. Especially at certain times of the year, like right after the new year.

Most gyms have, and many times require a monthly membership. And most of these memberships are set up on some sort of recurring payment plan. But gym members have no control over the billing dates from a computer or other devices like their mobile phones.

subscription payment processing platform

With the right payment platform, a gym can offer memberships to clients through subscription payment processing. The customer could lock in a date for automated payments to be drafted from their account, right from their smartphone or any other device.

2. Veterinarians

Everybody loves their pets. Dogs are just as much a member of the family as anybody else. And just like anybody else, they need healthcare.

Let us be honest though, vet bills can really add up. Pets are not cheap, but yeah, they are definitely worth the money.

With a subscription payment service, veterinarian clinics can offer their clients monthly payment plans to pay off expensive vet bills. This can often lighten the load for pet owners working through already stressful health situations involving their pets.

3. Chiropractic Clinics

Chiropractors can be great for your health. Although, many times, their care is not covered by insurance. That is why chiropractic clinics can greatly benefit from offering their clients subscription payment services for paying off bills, monthly memberships, or package deals that allow chiropractic clients to get more sessions for less money when paid upfront.

4. Dental Practices

Everybody with teeth, and even without them, need dental care. But, as we all know, bills for dental work can be very expensive.

Dentists can help their dental patients stress less about having to pay for their dental work by offering payment plans through a payment platform that utilizes recurring payment functionality or subscription payment processing.

Dental practices that offer payment plans can increase business by offering clients without health insurance a way to get and pay for their dental work.

5. Urgent Care Clinics

For some people, the convenience of an urgent care clinic can work better than having to schedule an appointment with a doctor or going to an emergency room.

Although some urgent care clinics can be limited in the services they provide, they can offer basic services and care. But, just like other healthcare facilities, their services can be expensive. This makes these types of healthcare facilities great candidates for using a branded payment platform that allows their clients to make monthly payments.

Subscription Payment Processing: A Recap

There are a lot of business types out there that cannot only make payments easier for their customers by offering subscription payment plans but can also reach new markets by offering consumers a technology that allows them to pay their bills automatically over a period of time.

PaymentVision offers numerous payment technologies including payment platforms that allow customers to set up recurring payments. If you are interested in learning how PaymentVision can improve the payment experience for both your business and its customers, let’s set up a time to chat.