Credit & Payment Risk Management Solutions

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Limit Your Risk With Our Solutions

Extensive Library of Risk Rules

With our risk management services, you will immediately gain access to an extensive, online, cloud-based library of risk rules that can help keep you ahead of the rest.

Custom Processing Rules

You can apply custom rules to all payments, or rules based on specific payment types.

FATCA and Patriot Act Compliant

It's incredibly important to stay within compliance rules and regulations. Our risk management solutions are in FATCA compliance and within Patriot Act regulations.

Verified Transactions

Every transaction is verified through the Lyons Commercial Data ABA database. This database is updated on a daily basis to ensure recent, accurate data.

Identity and Account Solutions

We provide verification solutions for both identities and accounts, allowing for quick approvals, optimized performance, and reduced NSF fees.

The Benefits of Our Risk Mangement Tools

Our tools can help your business improve the successful collection of payments validating account information that can help reduce chargebacks and fraud.

  • Reduce Rework
  • Reduce error rates
  • Improve Collection rate
  • Improve Operational Efficiencies

How it Works


Customer Makes Payment

Customers submit payment through an integrated payment window (online, through the call center, IVR, or API)


ValidPay Rules Applied to Payments

Risk rules created by your comptroller or risk manager are applied to all payments before settlement.


PaymentVision Securely Processes Transaction

Payments that do not violate a rule are settled, while offending payments are suspended pending additional manager approval.


Collect Funds & GetReal-Time Reporting

Collect your payments and use our online administrative hub to get a centralized view of activity across all your payment channels.

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