Dental Payment Plans and Finding the Best Payment Platform for Your Practice

In this article, we will look at how dental payment plans can help dental practices get paid and discuss selecting the right payment platform to support your dental clients. We will also look at how dental payment plans can help clients without insurance pay on time for dental work.

Why Use Dental Payment Plans?

Dental payment plans can be great for numerous dental clients. But dental payment plans can be especially beneficial for clients without insurance or for those customers who do not have all the money to pay upfront.

dental payment plans

Dental work can be expensive, as most people know, but almost everyone needs to see a dentist. By providing payment plans to dental clients, clients who would otherwise not be able to get dental work could in many cases be able to pay for the work.

Offering dental payment plans allows practices to reach new markets and receive monthly recurring payments on time while doing a good thing.

Transparency with Dental Clients

Unexpected prices, hidden fees, and misunderstood line items in billing can sometimes make consumers feel like they have been deceived – like they are supposed to pay for things they did not agree to pay.

To avoid confusion with dental clients, and to help put them at ease, disclosing the full cost of dental work can increase the likelihood that dental clients will be willing to pay their dental bills.

Avoiding the shock of unexpected costs can help maintain a good relationship with clients and improve on-time payments. It is a great first step for improving the receipt of payments from dental clients.

How do You Set Up Dental Payment Plans for Clients?

Setting up payment plans for dental clients starts with selecting the right payment platform.

Many payment platforms incorporate recurring payment functionality into their designs. And recurring payment functionality allows consumers to effortlessly set up automated payments.

For example, if a dental client needs to schedule payments on the 15th of every month when they get paid, they can simply log in to the payment platform, specify the payment date and the payment amount, and they are done.

Payment Platforms that Offer Access from Any Device

Pew Research states that 85% of Americans own a smartphone. This is an important piece of data when considering payment plans for dental customers.

Making payment platforms accessible on any device is important because it allows people who do not have access to a computer the ability to set up payment plans on their smartphone.

Any well-designed payment platform will consider accessibility on multiple devices, especially smartphones.

Dental Payment Plans: Other Important Payment Platform Features


PaymentVision’s internal research through surveys shows that security is a top concern of both merchants and consumers. Offering dental customers the use of a secure payment platform to set up dental payment plans is a big deal. So as a dental practice, you want to look at security features and consider compliance standards when selecting a payment platform for your practice.


Ease-of-use is another critical consideration when selecting the perfect payment platform for a dental practice. Payment platforms that do not simplify the payment experience can be burdensome for consumers and sometimes cause consumers to abandon the payment flow.


Our independent research also shows, that for both merchants and consumers, speed is a top concern concerning payment platforms. Again, slow payment platforms can have a negative impact on the user experience and lead to less successful payments.

ADA Compliance

In recent years, ADA compliance has become an important design feature for both web design and payment technologies. It is highly recommended that merchants provide their clients with payment technologies that are ADA compliant and support those people who have physical impairments.

Dental Payment Plans with PaymentVision

With PaymentVision, our payment solutions allow consumers to pay from virtually any device. Our payment technologies allow merchants the ability to offer their clients secure payment options through IVR, mobile devices, kiosks, and API technology.

Our product PayWeb360 allows customers to pay securely on any device and focuses on a mobile-first design. It also allows for dental practices to offer their clients dental payment plans through its easy-to-set-up automated payments feature (recurring payments). PayWeb360 supports Spanish-speaking customers out of the box, is fast, secure, and ADA compliant.

To learn more about PaymentVision’s payment technologies and how they can help your dental practice, contact us. We would love to make the payment experience better for your practice and your clients.