PV Point of Sale
Payment Terminal

Lower transaction costs by capturing the payment at the point of sale

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Improve Payment Collection at the Point of Sale

Reduce Processing Costs

Card Present Transactions lower Payment Processing Fees

Reduce Payment Errors

Prepopulate Payment Terminal with Payment Information

Automate Payment Posting

Receive online/real-time responses for payment approvals

Simplify Payment Reversals

Provides Merchants with a single portal to initiate reversals

Improve Payment Research

Provides Merchants a consolidated online view of card present and not-present payments

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Improved Customer Service

Provides Customers with a consolidated view of all payments within their self service channels

The Benefits of PV POS Payment Terminal

Our Payment Terminal benefits your customers by providing them an immediate and convenient way to take payment at the point of sale.  As a merchant, you can immediately process debit or credit card payments and provide customer receipts.

  • Improve Liquidity – Capture payment the same day
  • Fully Integrated – Consolidate In Person and Online Payments in one view
  • Reduce Costs – Increase card present transactions because their processing cost are lower than card not present transactions.

How PV POS Payment Terminal Works

Within milliseconds of completing the sale, your representatives can capture payments via the point of sale terminal and a receive a payment decision. After completing the payment information, it is sent to the payment terminal. The consumer swipes their card and the information is sent for authorization from their bank. The authorization is sent back to the terminal and if required, a signature is captured on the terminal. The payment decision is immediate and PaymentVision sends the transaction information back to the merchants systems for the transaction to post and prints the receipt.


Complete the Sale

The user can use their debit or credit card. The terminal will capture the payment information via swipe or chip and use pin or signature.


Customer swipes or inserts
their card to make payment

The terminal sends the customer payment information securely through PaymentVisions network to the bank for processing and authorization.


PaymentVision Securely Processes Transaction

The payment is processed securely in a LEVEL-1 PCI certified system and decisions are returned within milliseconds.  If a signature is required, the customer will be able to sign at the terminal.


Complete the transaction and print the customer’s receipt

PaymentVision returns payment information to the merchants software where it can be post the transaction and complete the transaction.

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