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Lower payment processing costs with easy and secure pay by check over the phone

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Accept Check by Phone Payments

PV Check by Phone allows your business to easily verify ABA (routing) numbers in real-time and accept checks by phone. Your company no longer has to wait for a check to come in the mail for payment. PV Check by Phone allows payments to be made faster and efficiently.
Using the secure PV Check by Phone administrative portal helps your customer service or call center staff be more efficient. The payment portal allows representatives to accept check payments and easily access account information or update payment status. Not only can your customer service view check payments, but it also allows for a centralized view of activity across all payment channels.

Streamlined Check Processing

Reduce check returns and streamline data processing by verifying ABA (routing) numbers in real time.

Variety of Payment Options

Supports single payments in addition to regular installment schedules.

Custom Reporting

Within our administration panel, you can generate custom reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Instant Processing

Check payments by phone can be processed instantly, which eliminates the need for your clients to mail checks in.

Secure & Compliant

Check by phone payments are processed safely and securely through our PCI-certified systems, which includes tokenization.

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Improved Customer Satisfaction

Assist customers, update account information, collect payments, and more, all while on the phone.

The Benefits of Our Check Processing Solutions

With our check by phone processing solution, your company does not have to rely on mail to collect payments. Receive and process payments through our secure online portal.

  • Verify ABA (routing) numbers in real-time
  • Customers can set up reoccurring payments
  • Process checks efficiently
  • Avoid check handling fees

How it Works


Customer Calls to Make a Payment

Customers call into your existing call center or customer service team to get account information and complete payments.


Call Center Agent Assists Customer

Using a secure online portal, your call center agents can assist customers over the phone, research account information, change account status, and more.


Call Center Agent Collects Payment

Working directly with the customer on the phone, your team can securely collect payment information via credit card, debit card, card not present, ACH, or check.


Collect Funds & Get Real-Time Payment Details

Collect your payments and use our online administrative hub to get a centralized view of activity across all your payment channels.

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