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Custom branded mobile payment application provides convenience for customers on any mobile device

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Get the Best Business Payment App

Get a custom business payment app to allow your customers to easily pay bills from their phone with PV Mobile. PV Mobile is a mobile billing app designed for businesses to accept credit card, debit card or check payments from any mobile device. Customers easily download your branded payment app and can manage payments from their device.  This mobile payment solution provides your customers flexibility of being able to make one-time or recurring payments, set future payments or check balances from their mobile phone. The PV Mobile is customized for your business brand and downloadable from any Android and iOS device.

Seamless Mobile Payment Solutions

PV Mobile offers secure mobile payment technology that can seamlessly integrated with other payment channels. Give customers more ways to pay and expand your customer communications, while providing robust account management. Our seamless payment processing solutions allow payments to be made in real-time and integrated into your billing system.  PV Mobile can simplify billing, accounts receivable, debt collection or payment of services.

Credit Card and Check Capture Technology

Our mobile payment app enables your business to accept more payments with fast payment capture technology. Allowing customers to pay by check or credit card has never been easier. PV Mobile offers check capture technology, so payments can be processed faster. The credit card reader also is the perfect functionality for customers to quickly make debit or credit card payments.

Payment App Branded for Your Business

Using PV Mobile for your business provides a customized app without the extra cost of design. From downloading the app with your company name to when it opens in your customer’s phone; PV Mobile displays as your exclusive businesses payment app. PV Mobile not only is branded for your business, but provides the added value of using a secure and PCI certified mobile payment gateway. This mobile payment gateway offers convenience while keeping your customer's personal information secure.

Enhanced Features

In addition to all the features of this mobile payment processing solution, our mobile billing app also supports biometric security, check scanning, card reading and geofencing.

Custom Design

Get a mobile billing app that uses your branding and is registered under your company name in iOS and Android app stores.

Secure & Compliant

All customer data is safely and securely processed through our PCI-certified systems, complete with tokenization.

The Benefits of your own Mobile Payment App

Just like launching a website in the early 2000s, it is a mark of prestige and trustworthiness in today's world if your company is able to offer your customers a downloadable app that lets them manage their account activity with your business. Our mobile payment app's look and feel is easily customized to match your branding guidelines while providing customers with useful functionality for payments, push notifications and more.

  • Gives your customers the flexibility of paying on-the-go
  • Robust account management options in the palm of your hands
  • Works with Android and iOS
  • Expand your customer communication capabilities

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