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Turn Paper Checks into Electronic Deposits

PaymentVision offers the best solution processing paper checks faster by turning them into electronic payments. Using PV Check Deposit, your business can process thousands of checks and have them deposited in your bank. Our solution is web-based and requires no additional software to be downloaded. The only technology requirements are a personal computer, internet access and a check scanner (with IRD technology). Process, deposit and automatically record thousands of checks daily including personal, business, money orders, payroll checks, official MICR line checks, or traveler checks. PV Check Deposit has you covered from check scanning through settlement.

Automatic Check Data Capturing

PV Check Deposit can be seamlessly integrated with your data processing or accounts receivable system to automatically capture data. This system reduces manual entry time by recognizing data in the check. After scanning the checks in the system, the image is captured and MICR data will automatically appear in the data entry fields.
Checks are scanned using an image scanner with CAR/LAR technology and patented technology that can be setup to automatically distinguish between consumer and non-consumer checks.  This process allows consumer checks to be processed as an ACH; while non-consumer checks including corporate or payroll are automatically processed via Check21.

Increase Efficiency

Upload processed payment information to your accounts receivable system and no need to drive to the bank anymore.

Fast and Accurate 24/7

Uses CAR/LAR to automatically read the dollar amount off a check and populates the appropriate field. 24/7 access to retrieve your check images and payment status.

Web Based System

No software to install. Process checks using a personal computer, internet access and a scanner.

How PV Check Deposit Works


Paper Check Received

Merchant receives business, personal money orders, payroll checks, official MICR line checks, or traveler checks for services or goods.


Checks are Scanned

The checks are scanned using imaging scanners with CAR/ LAR. The MICR data is automatically read from the checks.


Checks Transmitted via ACH or Check21

The checks are scanned and processed via high speed web hosted software and transmitted via Check21 or ACH, as appropriate.


Check Funds Deposited

PaymentVision electronically debits funds from the customer’s account and deposits funds in Merchant's bank account or multiple accounts.

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