Tips on Selecting the Right Walk-in Payment Solutions

Tips on Selecting the Right Walk-in Payment Solutions

Walk-in payments just work. There are millions of people in the United States alone who either do not have a banking account or prefer to not use traditional banks for most of their transactions. Some of these people don’t trust banks, some prefer the clarity of cash on hand. Whatever the case is with a company’s customers, offering walk-in payment solutions can be a competitive advantage – as long as it works and works well.

Companies should make sure they select the right walk-in payment solution by following these steps.

Needs Assessment

The best way to select a walk-in payment solution is to look at what the company actually needs by conducting an initial assessment. They should look at the human capital required to run the solution as well as the technical requirements to install a walk-in payment solution. Different walk-in payment solutions have different requirements for the system to run well. It doesn’t serve anyone to select a payment solution that falls short or is overkill.

User Education

Companies also need to consider how it can educate its customers and employees about the walk-in payment system. While some payment systems are essentially plug-and-play with intuitive controls and ample customer service, others have a steeper learning curve and less assistance. Depending on the company’s needs, a more complicated system doesn’t need to preclude a payment solution but it should be a factor in determining what is right for a particular company’s walk-in payments.

24-Hour Kiosk or Not?

Companies may want to consider how and when it can offer walk-in payments as well. For example, a business might want to offer an unmanned kiosk in a 24-hour location so customers can make payments wherever is most convenient for them. Choosing this option could expand the company’s customer base and increase business reach.

Payment Options

It is essential to consider the payment options available as well. Will it accept cash only or credit cards? Are debit cards accessible? What about paper checks? Before selecting a walk-in payment solution, companies should look at how its customers prefer to pay. Not offering the right payment options could be more of a limitation or frustration than an actual advantage.

Full-Service Stations

Should a company go the kiosk route, it could make a limited number of account actions available. Doing so saves on the cost of offering the service and the maintenance required to upkeep a walk-in payment system – but having locations that are not “full-service” can be confusing for customers.

More Than Payments

Finally, companies need to consider whether a walk-in payment solution meets its needs beyond payments. Will the kiosk be only for payments? Or, will it also provide other information? For retailers, this could be product information, pricing or availability. For service providers, it could offer the opportunity to upsell the customer or offer information about additional services offered.

Companies need to make sure that they choose a walk-in payment system that meets the needs of its customers while also meeting its needs as a business. There are many walk-in payment solutions available – each one with its own advantages and disadvantages. Companies can select the right walk-in payment solution for them by carefully evaluating what they need and want to offer before making a decision about any processing system.