PaymentVision v.5.10

PaymentVision 5.10 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to promote 1 pilot service and make it available to all PaymentVision clients (Account Updater), introduce 1 new report (Account Updater Performance) and make 2 changes (Email Notifications, Card Replacement).

Account Updater

Account Updater is a subscription-based service that automatically updates cards on file without the need to contact the card holder.

What’s Changing?

Over the last several months, PaymentVision has run a small pilot program in order to gain operational experience. As part of this release, PaymentVision will be making a few changes that will allow us to operate the service on a larger scale.

What’s the Expected Impact?

These changes are expected to have no client-facing impact other than to make the service available to any PaymentVision client who wants to turn it on.

Account Updater Performance

Account Updater Performance is a new report that enables clients to monitor the performance of our Account Updater service.

File Type



  1. Worksheet Descriptions
  2. Performance Overview
  3. Watch List Updates
  4. Account Update Summary By Type
  5. Watch List Update Detail
  6. Account Update Detail
  7. Replacement Card Detail
  8. Closed Card Detail
  9. Changed Transaction Detail
  10. Watch List Configuration
  11. Account Update Type Definitions


Here’s a screenshot of the Performance Overview worksheet.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications is an existing feature that enables clients to send payment-related emails (e.g.; payment confirmations, intent to deposit notifications, varying amount transfer notifications) based on rules configured within the PaymentVision Portal, as shown within the screen shot below.


Prior to this release a customer was eligible to receive Email Notifications so long as the customer had an email address on file and had not previously opt-ed out via email unsubscribe link.


Now, as part of this release, PaymentVision will also check to make sure that the customer has not taken one of the following actions using the new PayWeb360 Email Opt in / Opt out Management feature:

  • opted out
  • added a new email address without completing the verification process

Note: PaymentVision will continue to assume that, if an email address is included within client reference data, it is eligible for Email Notifications so long as we don’t have a record of it being opted out.

Card Replacement

Card Replacement is an existing feature within PaymentVision Portal that enables an agent to replace a card within a customer’s wallet.


Prior to this release, when an agent replaced a card it was retired and not unregistered.


Now, as part of this release, when an agent replaces a card it will be both retired and unregistered.

Reason for the Change

This change resolves an issue that was causing a card to continue to be updated via our Account Updater service even after it was manually replaced by the customer. It has no client-facing impact.