PaymentVision 5.8

PaymentVision 5.8 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to make 2 improvements (Card Decline Reason, GetTransactionDetails) and introduce 1 new service (Account Updater).

Card Decline Reason

Card Decline Reason is a component of the transaction decline response that provides the reason for the decline. Here are a few of the more common examples:

Decline/ Decline – Insufficient fundsThe customer is either over their financial limit or would exceed their financial limit if the transaction were allowed to go through.
Invalid TransThe transaction type is either invalid or not allowed. An example would be a customer attempting to use an HSA card for something other than an approved medical-related good or service.
Hold-call / Pick Up Card / Do Not HonorThe credit card has been flagged for fraud by the card issuing financial institution.


Prior to this release, merchants on the Vital platform would only receive “Decline” within the transaction decline response. They would not receive a card decline reason, making it difficult to determine what next steps to take with the customer.


Now, as part of this release, merchants on the Vital platform will receive a card decline reason as part of the transaction decline response.


GetTransactionDetails is an existing PayAPI request method that is used to retrieve the details of transactions based on transaction filter criteria.


Prior to this release, a performance related issue caused some requests to return a 7001 error response.


Now, as part of this release, PaymentVision has optimized the GetTransactionDetails method to protect against performance related issues in two of the more common use cases.

Use CaseDescription
Batch PostingA ValidationBatchName is used to retrieve and post the underlying transactions within a batch.
Periodic PostingA TransactionSequenceNumber is used to retrieve and post new transactions periodically throughout the day.

Account Updater

Account Updater is a new subscription-based service that automatically updates cards on file without the need to contact the card holder.

How it Works

  1. When Account Updater is enabled, all eligible cards (both existing and new) are added to a watch list
  2. If PaymentVision receives a change notification for any card on the watch list, it automatically updates the card
  3. If the card is associated with a recurring payment, the updated card information is automatically substituted for the existing card information on file
  4. When a card becomes ineligible, it is automatically removed from the watch list

Watch List Eligibility

A card is eligible for the watch list if it satisfies all of the following criteria:

  • it has not been removed from the customer’s online wallet
  • it has been added, edited or used in a payment within the last 12 months
  • the customer associated with the card is active within the merchant’s system of record

Supported Card Types

Account Updater supports the following card types:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

Update Scenarios

Account Updater will provide updates to card information in response to the following scenarios:

  • account closures
  • cards reported lost or stolen
  • expiration date changes
  • product upgrades
  • portfolio conversions between Visa issuers or from MasterCard, American Express, or Discover to Visa conversion

Implementation Dependency

The ability to exclude a card from the watch list, when the customer associated with the card is inactive within the merchant’s system of record, is dependent on a daily Customer Information File (CIF). This implementation dependency can be satisfied by the same CIF provided as part of a PayWeb360, PayWeb 2, PayIVR or PayAgent 2 implementation.


In the rare event that the merchant is providing more than one CIF, Account Updater will only use the first CIF to establish whether the customer is active within the merchant’s system of record when determining whether to exclude or remove a card from the watch list.

Pilot Program

PaymentVision will initially offer the service as part of a small pilot program. After successful completion of the pilot program, we plan to make the service available to all merchants who wish to subscribe. The expected duration of the pilot program is 60 days.