PayWeb 2 v.

PayWeb v. is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to add Bank Account Verification.

Bank Account Verification

Bank Account Verification is a feature of PayAPI, PayAgent, and ValidPay that enables merchants to verify that bank accounts are open and in good standing prior to accepting a payment.  Now, as part of this release, merchants can do the same within PayWeb 2.

How does it work?

  1. User enters an invalid bank account and clicks Continue on the Make Payment page
  2. PayWeb 2 submits an AddBankAccount request to PayAPI
  3. IF a BankAccountVerificationFailed error response (5055) is returned THEN PayWeb 2 presents the following disclosure

What are the use cases?

Bank Account Verification has the following use cases:

Use CaseDescription
ACH Return Rate ManagementNACHA has established an inquiry process which is triggered when an ACH originator exceeds a return rate threshold*. This can be problematic for subprime merchants, particularly those who enroll customers in auto debit.
Use CaseDescription
WEB Entry Account ValidationEffective March 19, 2021, NACHA is requiring bank accounts to be validated as part of a commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system for WEB debit entries.

*See NACHA Return Rate Thresholds below for more information.

NACHA Return Rate Thresholds

NACHA has established the following ACH return rate thresholds:

CategoryReason CodesLimits
Unauthorized debit entries• R05 – Unauthorized Debit to Consumer Account Using Corporate SEC Code
• R07 – Authorization Revoked by Customer
• R10 – Customer Advises Unauthorized, Improper, Ineligible, or Part of an Incomplete Transaction
• R29 – Corporate Customer Advises Not Authorized
• R51 – Item Related to RCK Entry Is Ineligible or RCK Entry is Improper
Administrative returns• R02 – Account Closed
• R03 – No Account/Unable to Locate Account
• R04 – Invalid Account Number Structure
Overall returnsAll15%


Bank Account Verification can be enabled by reaching out to your PaymentVision Relationship Manager.