PayIVR v.

PayIVR v. is now available in production.  The purpose of this release is to introduce Split Payments.

Split Payments

Split Payments is a feature of both PayWeb that enables customers to spread a payment across all of their linked accounts.  Now as part of this release, customers will be able to do the same within a PayIVR session.

  1. When Split Payment is enabled PayIVR presents the option to either spread a payment across all accounts or pay an individual account
  2. If the user opts to spread a payment across all accounts, then PayIVR present the list of accounts
  3. PayIVR presents spread posting logic using a custom recording
  4. PayIVR presents a pick list of Split Payment amounts based on the client’s configuration
  5. Customer makes a payment
  6. PayIVR presents confirmation


ElementData Type Description
Enabledbooleanused to enable/disable Split Payment workflow
AllowPartialPaymentbooleanused to enable/disable the partial payment option
MinimumAmountTypestringused to establish the minimum Split Payment amount that will be accepted
Possible Values:
• Largest (Default)
• Aggregate
ShowBalanceslistused to establish the Split Payment amount pick list
Possible Values:
• AggregateCurrentBalance
• AggregateCurrentPayment

Implementation Dependencies

Linked Accounts IntegrationSplit Payment presentation is dependent on a Linked Accounts integration between PaymentVision and the merchant’s system of record.
Spread Posting IntegrationSplit Payment posting automation is dependent on a spread posting integration between PaymentVision and the merchant’s system of record.