PayIVR v.

PayIVR v. is now available in production.  The purpose of this release is to introduce Linked Accounts.

Linked Accounts

Linked Accounts is a feature of both PayWeb 2 and PayAgent 2 that enables customers to view and pay all of their accounts within a single session.  Now as part of this release, customers will be able to do the same within a PayIVR session.

  1. Customer logs into PayIVR
  2. If the customer has more than one account and Linked Accounts is enabled then PayIVR presents the record count
  3. PayIVR presents a Linked Account pick list up to the maximum number of accounts allowed within the configuration
  4. If the number of Linked Accounts exceeds the maximum then PayIVR presents instructions on how to pay another account
  5. Customer selects an account
  6. Customer makes a payment
  7. PayIVR presents confirmation
  8. PayIVR presents the option to pay another account until all accounts have been paid
  9. If the user chooses to pay another account then PayIVR presents the Linked Account pick list again up to the maximum allowed, excluding any accounts paid within the session


ElementData TypeDescription
Enabledbooleanused to enable Linked Accounts work flow
MaxAccountsintegerused to establish the maximum number of linked accounts that will be presented
Default: 5 Max: 9
PresentOptionToMakeAnotherPaymentbooleanused to enable/disable option to pay another account after completing a payment

Implementation Dependency
In order to take advantage of Linked Accounts within PayIVR, an Account Name must be included within client reference data. The Account Name can either be included as a separate data element or it can be derived from other data by a PaymentVision implementation specialist. Either way, if an Account Name is not present within a Linked Account record, PayIVR will present the Linked Account workflow but will exclude the record from both the record count and pick list.