PaymentVision 5.6.4

PaymentVision 5.6.4 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to introduce one new enhancement (Reporting Record Limit Configuration) and two bug fixes (Error Handling and Return Matching).

Reporting Record Limit Configuration

Reporting Record Limit Configuration is an enhancement to both the PaymentVision Portal and PayAPI that enables the upper limit to be configured within the output of reporting requests.

What’s new?

Prior to this release, when more than 4,000 records satisfied the input of a reporting request the output was limited to the first 4,000 records.  Following this release, the record limit can be configured allowing reporting requests to return up to 10,000 records.


The following reports are in scope of the new configuration option:

System Reports
PV Portal Transaction Aggregation
Returns Aggregation
Declined Credit Cards
Expired Credit Cards
Voided Transactions
PayAPI GetTransactionDetails



The Reporting Record Limit can be configured by contacting a PaymentVision implementation specialist.

Error Handling Fix

This release includes a fix to PayAPI error handling.

What Methods are in Scope?

ChangeTransactionState and ValidateFinancialAccount methods are in scope of the fix.

What was the Issue?

Invalid requests were resulting in unhandled exceptions as opposed to an error response describing the issue.

Return Matching Fix

This release includes a fix to PaymentVision’s Return Matching feature.

What is Return Matching?

Return Matching is a feature of the PaymentVision Portal that enables a user to match an ACH return to an original transaction in cases where the system is unable to automatically match based on the available return data.  When unmatched returns exist, a count is presented on the home page with a link to initiate manual matching.

What was the issue?

When unmatched returns existed and a user clicked on the manual matching link, an empty result set was returned.