PaymentVision 5.4.4

PaymentVision 5.4.4 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to introduce an enhancement to ACH Batch Scheduling.

ACH Batch Scheduling

ACH batch scheduling is an existing feature within the PaymentVision Portal that enables ACH batches to be created automatically based on a user-defined schedule.

What’s new?

Prior to this release, the ability to create an ACH batch based on a schedule was limited to the organization level, wherein all payments were lumped together into a single batch.  Now, as part of this release, ACH batches can be created based on a schedule set at the sub-merchant level, wherein each schedule results in the creation of a separate batch.

Use Case

Use Case Description
Reconciliation ACH Batch Scheduling at the sub-merchant level simplifies the reconciliation process by enabling a batch total to be matched with a deposit total in cases where sub-merchants are associated with different deposit accounts.



Create ACH Batch Schedule

  1. Click Merchant Portal service within services menu
    Create ACH Batch Schedule
  2. Click ACH Batch Schedules task within Merchant Set-up module
  3. Click Add New
  4. Configure schedule
  5. Click Save

Associate ACH Batch Schedule with Merchant Account

  1. Click Merchant Portal service within services menuACH Settlement Panel
  2. Click Merchant Accounts task within Merchant Set-up module
  3. Select a Merchant Account
  4. Select an ACH Batch Schedule within the ACH Settlement panel



ACH Batch Schedules

ACH batch schedules can be configured with the following frequencies:

  • Everyday Banking Day
  • Everyday
  • Monday – Friday

Sub-Merchant Accounts

Sub merchant accounts can be configured to use the ACH Batch Schedule associated with the primary merchant account or they can be configured to use their own.

Batch Naming Convention

Name Type Convention Example
ValidationBatchName “Auto-Batch” {PrimaryMerchantCode}-{NextDailySequenceNumber} {DateTime} Auto-Batch TT123-1 12/13/2017
UserDefinedBatchName “Auto-Batch” {ScheduleName}-{NextDailySequenceNumber} {DateTime} Auto-Batch ABC Bank Account Schedule-1 12/13/2017