PaymentVision 5.4.1

PaymentVision 5.4.1 is now available in production. The purpose of this release is to introduce Payment Terminal Integration.

Payment Terminal Integration

Payment Terminal Integration is a new set of functionality that enables a retail software application to integrate with payment terminals.

Use Cases

Use Case Description
Reduce Payment Errors Pre-populate payment terminals with the payment amount
Automate Payment Posting Receive an online response containing the result of the terminal session
Simplify Payment Research Provide merchants with a consolidated online view of card present and card-not-present payments
Simplify Payment Reversals Provide merchants with a single portal from which to initiate card present and card-not-present reversals
Improve Customer Service Provide customers with a consolidated view of card present and card-not-present payments within their self-service channels

How does it work?

  1. Retail software application submits request to PaymentVision
  2. PaymentVision wakes up the terminal
  3. Customer swipes or inserts their payment card
  4. Terminal submits authorization request to PaymentVision
  5. PaymentVision returns authorization response
  6. If required, terminal captures signature
  7. PaymentVision returns result to retail software application
  8. Retail software application posts transaction and prints receipt

Request Methods

Payment Terminal Integration consists of the following PayAPI request methods:

Method Description
RegisterPaymentTerminal This method is used to register a payment terminal with an organization
PairPaymentTerminal This method is used to pair a payment terminal to a merchant payee code. Pairing a payment terminal to a merchant payee code enables a retail software application to filter by merchant payee code when retrieving a list of registered payment terminals.
GetPaymentTerminalDetails This method is used to retrieve a list of payment terminals that have been registered with the organization. In cases where payment terminals have been paired with merchant payee codes, the list can be filtered by merchant payee code.
GetCustomerEnrollmentSession This method is used to initiate a payment terminal session. The response includes the result of the session and; in the event of a successful session, the result of the transaction, the credit card token* and a transaction receipt (Merchant and Customer copy).
GetTransactionReceipt This method is used to retrieve a copy of a transaction receipt.

*Subject to limitation.  See Limitations below for more information.


Limitation Description
Terminal Models Payment Terminal Integration is limited to the following card terminal models:

  • Ingenico ICS 250
  • Ingenico IPP 350
Terminal Pairing Payment terminal pairing options are currently limited to merchant payee code.
Card Re-use Credit Card Accounts created via payment terminal session are immediately unregistered within PaymentVision. In order to use a credit card created via a payment terminal session it must be re-introduced via PaymentVision card-not-present application.
Signatures PaymentVision currently captures a signature only as required by the card network. It does not capture a signature in cases where it is not required by the card network.