How to Improve User Experience on Your Payment Platform

In technology, user experience plays an important role in the success of websites, mobile apps, and payment platforms. Software development companies who fail to develop products and services around their ideal customers, sometimes waste time, money, and resources on a final product that consumers don’t find value in.

Below, we’ll look at a few things that can improve the user experience of payment platforms. This information has been accumulated over time through our own research, and surveys of merchants and consumers. The points made below contributed to the success of our new payment platform that has improved payment completion rates by as much as 300% for several of our clients.

Improve Ease-of-Use

Ease-of-use is at the heart of a great user experience on a preferred payment platform. Through simplicity and intuitive design, consumers can effortlessly make payments, check balances, and set up automated payments stress-free. And, when consumers can complete their desired actions – make payments – on a payment platform, this can save organizations time and money by reducing the strain on call centers.

Make Payments Convenient

With mobile-friendly payment platforms or mobile payment apps, convenience is another important piece of the puzzle. For example, organizations that utilize payment services offering automated payments or recurring payments provide their customers with a convenient payment option. But there is another part of this.

An optimally designed payment platform will not only provide end-users with the ability to set up and manage automated payments, but they’ll also make the consumer experience associated with finding and using this feature effortless and intuitive. In just a few short steps, end-users can get to what they need and complete their intended action.

Ensure Security

In PaymentVision’s own private surveys, we found that security was the top concern of both merchants and consumers. This isn’t surprising when you stop and think about all the data breaches, hackers, malware, and other malicious acts that are used these days to go after people’s personal and financial information.

So, to strengthen the security of any payment platform, it is highly recommended that organizations use PCI-compliant payment technologies and use two-factor authentication or hosted tokenization.

Design According to ADA Guidelines

ADA guidelines have become a major focus of many technology companies over the years. And, designing for the hearing and visually impaired is not only required by law, but it’s simply the right thing to do.

So, designing payment platforms according to ADA guidelines is also highly recommended. There are several different levels of ADA compliance, so choosing the right level of compliance for your organization might be something that needs to be discussed internally.

Offer Multi-lingual Support

Although it’s not always required, our findings show that supporting multiple languages on a payment platform can be very beneficial and help organizations grow in other markets. And our new PayWeb360 payment platform supports Spanish right out of the box. Which makes sense, because according to Babbel, about 43 million Americans speak Spanish as a first language.

Types of Businesses that Have Benefitted from Our Payment Solutions

PaymentVision has helped numerous types of businesses and organizations improve their payment efficiency with our payment solutions. And, in doing so, we’ve helped businesses improve customer relationships, reduce calls into call centers, and build their brand.

Below are some of the industries we have helped with our payment solutions:

  • We’ve helped scores of firms in the collections industry with our payment solutions
  • Our payment platforms have been used by government entities, municipalities, and housing authorities
  •  Rent-to-own merchants have used our payment services to help RTO customers make payments easier with recurring payments

Recap: User Experience and Payment Platforms

In this blog, we looked at features of a payment platform that can help build on a great user experience. Because as many know, poor user experiences lead to lower user interactions, lower customer satisfaction, and an increase in calls to call centers.

Things like ease-of-use and simplicity, convenience, security, and designing according to ADA guidelines can significantly improve the user experience for end-users. Additionally, payment platforms that support multiple languages like Spanish and other languages may also be able to reach additional segments of the population that are growing.

If you are interested in any of our payment services – IVR payment solutions, mobile payment solutions, customizable payment apps – contact us for a free consultation. It could improve the overall payment experience for both your customers and your organization.