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Top 3 Reasons to Accept Automated Phone Payments

Accepting payments through an automated phone system offers a number of material benefits for both your customers as well as your business.

Here are our top three reasons as to why businesses should offer IVR (Interactive Voice Response) phone payments.

#1 – More Convenient
Whether your customers are on a train or on their lunch break, they can make a payment at any time using an automated phone system. It also doesn’t matter if they call on a mobile phone or a landline. Why limit when or where people can make payments? Offering a 24/7 phone payment system provides great flexibility and is just another way to make your customers happy.

#2 – It’s Automated
Because an agent won’t be used, everything is handled automatically in an efficient manner. Customers also won’t have to wait on hold in call queues for a representative to become available to handle their payments. Most of these systems are able to provide custom scripted messages to better suit your business’s branding and compliance requirements. Additionally, these messages can be made available in multiple languages to better accommodate a larger number of users. For some situations where a real agent is needed, you can also have the user transferred to a real support representative.

#3 – Save Money
The costs of maintaining an IVR phone payment system are very low compared to hiring, training and retaining quality call center representatives. You’ll save even more thanks to streamlined back office operations, reduced misapplied payments, and no longer requiring agents to double post payments if the solution is integrated into your core billing system. This alone can save a sizable amount of time, money and other critical resources.