self-serve payments

Three Reasons to Offer Self-serve Payments

With the help of modern technology, such as smartphones and tablets, taking care of things on your own is becoming more efficient and accessible than ever. Being able to pay for things wherever and whenever is a powerful ability. Here are our three favorite reasons why offering self-serve payments is important.

1. Save Money
Because customers won’t be interacting with a real individual, you won’t need to staff as many employees to take care of them. You also may not need to train as many employees. There may always be a case or two when someone may need additional assistance, so real staff still have their place. Now imagine if Amazon stopped allowing customers to purchase items online on their own. Unless Amazon were to hire a countless number of new employees, the experience for the customer would be similar to that of waiting in very long lines or staying on hold over the phone, just to make a quick purchase.

2. Fewer Errors
All of the information is processed automatically, so you don’t have to worry about an employee incorrectly entering data into your system. This also allows you to see all of your information in real-time with various reporting software. Processing payments automatically can also be more secure than via old fashioned phone calls, as they are more private, depending on where the individual decides to make their payment.

3. More Convenient for Everyone
It goes without saying that self-serve payments offer greater flexibility for everyone. For your customers, they can pay whenever and wherever they’d like – as mentioned earlier. Additionally, payments can be made around-the-clock, which is great for people with strict schedules. And, unlike having to call into a representative to make a payment, more options may be available to people within an automated environment. This gives the individual a chance to take care of other things in one fell swoop. These types of automated environments may also offer a number of additional features that you may find useful, such as allowing people to pay via text messages, or even via email.