Megasys and PaymentVision Partnership to Offer Integrated Electronic Payment Solutions

JACKSONVILLE, FL – June 23, 2015. PaymentVision, a leading provider of electronic payment processing technology for the consumer finance industry, announced a new partnership with Megasys. This partnership allows clients of Megasys to process electronic payments – credit card, debit card, or ACH – in one-time, recurring, and fee-based transactions from directly within the Megasys Omega and FA systems.

For more than 25 years, PaymentVision has been committed to providing innovative and reliable payment services to collections and auto finance professionals. They provide clients with the ability to accept all forms of payment – credit card, debit card, and electronic check – online, in their call center, IVR, or through integrated solutions with the leading collections software.

“Megasys is excited about our new partnership with PaymentVision. The PaymentVision solutions are seamlessly integrated with both the Omega and FA Servicing platforms to allow fast and reliable payment processing,” said Theo Austin, President and COO of Megasys. “This added value allows our customers to process recurring and one-time electronic payment processing for checking, savings, debit card and credit card payments faster and more efficiently.”

“Megasys has made it very easy for finance companies to accept electronic payments by integrating the most common payment processing functions into their Omega software,” said Sean Fleming, Director of Product Management at PaymentVision. “Omega users can create one-time or recurring payments, automatically post payments and returns, void payments and issue refunds without leaving their seat or logging into a separate application. All of this has been achieved without exposing the Omega system to sensitive data, keeping it outside of PCI scope while reducing the total cost of processing payments.”

Because of their customer-focused approach, Megasys is able to provide quality, cost-effective solutions for their clients, including custom offerings for finance companies of all sizes. This approach also allows for the best support possible by putting the interests and needs of the clients first. The Megasys solution provides clients with an easy-to-use, cloud-based tool for loan servicing, loan originating, collections, reporting, and document storage.

“Customer service and credit approval is Avanta’s top priority. Utilizing PaymentVision allows us to streamline our payment and posting operations.  PaymentVision’s service is advantageous, professional, and reliable,” said Andrea Thueson, Managing Partner at Avanta.

Highlights of PaymentVision payment processing include:

Hosted Tokenization enables finance companies to collect payments from within the Megasys Omega system without exposing long-term or short-term memory to card or bank account data.

Integrated card functionality enables agents to send card authorization, void, and refund requests from within the Megasys Omega system and receive a response while the customer is present or on the phone.

Bank Account Verification enables agents to verify that a bank account is open and in good standing prior to enrolling it in a payment arrangement.

Integrated returns wizard enables ACH returns to be retrieved and posted to customer accounts with the push of a button within the Megasys Omega and FA systems.

Open Payment Gateway enables finance companies to bring their own bank or merchant account provider many times resulting in no hold, no reserve next day funding.

Customer Information File Interface enables both agent-assisted and self-service account inquires and payments via virtual terminal, web and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Automated Transaction Posting File Interface automatically posts payments and returns to the Megasys FA system.
Join PaymentVision at the upcoming Megasys User Group Conference from June 24-26, 2015 in Anaheim, CA or visit to learn more.

About PaymentVision

PaymentVision is a biller-direct, PCI-certified, electronic payment gateway provider. PaymentVision offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, check, and credit or debit card payments, by phone, or through Internet channels. PaymentVision solutions handle billions of dollars for thousands of financial institutions, large and small nationwide including, credit unions, banks, consumer finance, and collection agencies. For more information, please visit; follow PaymentVision on Twitter @PaymentVision or on Facebook at; or call 800-345-7243.

About Autoscribe Corporation

Autoscribe Corporation is a leading financial services company and payment processor. With more than two decades of innovation and leadership in the financial technology industry, Autoscribe offers a full suite of tools through PaymentVision and Lyons Commercial Data to help their customers grow their business, simplify payment processing, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance. Recently named to the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation, Autoscribe has 2,000 customers and processes more than $1 billion in transactions annually. For more information, please visit; follow Autoscribe on Twitter @AutoscribeCorp or on LinkedIn at; or call 800-345-7243.

About Megasys

Since 1981, Megasys has been specializing in complete loan servicing systems for the consumer finance industry. Megasys has served more than 400 clients across the United States in addition to various international locations. Their information management systems help their clients improve their bottom line while staying competitive. To learn more about Megasys, visit or call 800-927-4490.

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