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What to Know Today About the Starter Interrupt Device

Many of the vehicles financed with subprime loans have a GPS device installed, and lenders have utilized the use of starter interrupt devices (“SIDs”).  Lenders will require the SID to be installed as a condition of getting a vehicle loan. SIDs enable the auto lender to remotely disable the ignition system of a borrower’s car if the borrower defaults on their loan. In many instances, the SID is equipped with a global positioning system (“GPS”), the SID also communicates the location of the car to the lender to facilitate the repossession of the vehicle.

Starter Interrupt Devices White Paper

About PaymentVision

PaymentVision, a division of Autoscribe Corporation, is an industry-leading financial technology firm that offers a PCI-certified payment gateway that helps businesses accept electronic payments via their own call center, automated phone systems, web, or integrated software payment API. Recently named a top electronic payment solution by Collection Advisor Magazine, PaymentVision has thousands of customers and processes more than $2 billion in transactions annually. PaymentVision clients span several industries and include some of the largest collections, finance, municipalities, utilities, and healthcare companies in the nation.