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Maintain Business Continuity with Digital Payment Solutions

When the pandemic hit, did your organization scramble to continue accepting payments?

Were you ever stressed about keeping payments coming? Or providing a convenient way to pay for your customers?

Maintaining resiliency in your collections is key to both your balance sheet and to customer satisfaction. This payments business continuity whitepaper will guide you toward the most effective payment processing solutions to guarantee continued success throughout further disruptions to your business.

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of having an effective business continuity plan, and payments collection is a critical capability that must be evaluated within this plan. A payment business continuity kit can provide solutions that mitigate risks while preparing your business for the future. The business continuity kit is composed of payment processing solutions that are driven through self-service or e-commerce channels, PCI-compliant and secure, and accessible to your customers.


About PaymentVision

About PaymentVision, a division of Autoscribe Corporation, is an industry-leading financial technology firm that offers a PCI-certified payment gateway that helps businesses accept electronic payments via their own call center, automated phone systems, web, or integrated software payment API. Recently named a top electronic payment solution by Collection Advisor Magazine, PaymentVision has thousands of customers and processes more than $2 billion in transactions annually. PaymentVision clients span several industries and include some of the largest collections, finance, municipalities, utilities, and healthcare companies in the nation.