JST’s CollectMax Integration with PaymentVision

Laura Boehling, the Director of Sales & Marketing for JST (http://collectmax.com/), sat down with us to talk about the challenges that they were facing prior to integrating with PaymentVision, how PaymentVision has been able to solve those problems, and how the integration has been overall. A full transcript of the video can be found below.


“My name’s Laura Boehling. I’m with JS Technologies, otherwise known as JST, and we’re based out of Richmond, Virginia, and I’m the Director of Sales and Marketing there.

What does JST do?
JST provides debt collection software to attorneys engaged in debt collection, so we have software that does case management for them, accounting, document generation, court case follow-up, and allows them to post debtor payments.

What challenges were you facing before using PaymentVision services?
Our customers were looking for a good solution to handle payments, whether it be web-based payments, or phone calls that came in directly to their collections staff. And they wanted a way to quickly post those payments to the system – take ACH, credit card, EFT payments – and we were looking for a solution for our customers and met the folks at PaymentVision and saw that they were dedicated to the industry, and were able to provide those services to our customers. So we met with the staff, and did a full development so that our software could talk to their platform and easily exchange information so our customers could have a good, solid solution.

How was PaymentVision able to help overcome these challenges?
PaymentVision has been a great solution for our customers. They were able to allow them to take web payments. We supply a customer information file, which PaymentVision posts on their website. The consumers then can go to the website, enter their payment, and the payment information gets imported into CollectMax. So it’s a very seamless solution for our customers to offer other payment options to the consumers.

What sets PaymentVision apart from others you’ve worked with?
One thing that we’ve done – we have customers that use a number of different payment solutions. We have internal tools that we’ve created that are generic, and people can use different resources for their payment provider. One thing that is special about what we’ve done with PaymentVision is we did write a full integration, so it is highly customized for PaymentVision services, and more automated than some of the other processes. It’s not a separate step – it’s very seamless, and our customers have seemed to like that.

How easy is it for a customer to get up and running?
For our customers, when they contact us and they’re looking for a payment solution, I will share with them PaymentVision’s information. We have a webinar that we’ve created, showing them the interface, so we’re sending that out to them. Occasionally, they may have to upgrade to the most current version of our product in order to use this interface. I know the folks at PaymentVision have been really efficient at working with our customers – getting them on board, making sure they know what they need to do on their end to get the process rolling so they can start using the services – so we’ve been pleased and our customers have been pleased with the support that they’ve received.

How has your experience been with PaymentVision?
We’ve had a really wonderful relationship with the whole PaymentVision team – from the sales team, the development team – Sean’s been amazing to work with. He’s worked really well with our developers to keep this interface up-to-date as our system changes, as PaymentVision makes changes, so everybody in the team has been wonderful to work with, and our customers have appreciated the support they’ve received.”