Auto Master Payment Demo Part 1

Auto Master Systems, a leading provider of receivables management software for the Buy-Here-Pay-Here industry, has integrated its dealer management software with PaymentVision. With PaymentVision’s payment API integration, dealers who use Auto Master Systems can automate payment processing and reconciliation functions.

AMS users can process both one-time and recurring ACH, credit card and debit card payments from directly within their dealer management software, without storing sensitive information onsite, using a secure tokenization process. Dealers can collect payments 24×7 via the web and interactive voice response applications; while continuous synchronization allows Auto Master Systems users to update campaigns throughout the day. Transactions received through all payment channels, including returns, are automatically processed alleviating the need to manually post payments. Auto Master Systems users can verify bank account status prior to taking a down payment or enrolling a bank account in automated payments to help safeguard against returns. Accounting users can keep deposits aligned with cash drawer reports and simplify reconciliation by creating batch cut-offs and reports from directly within Auto Master Systems.

Part 1 of this multi-part series demonstrates just how easy it is to process a payment in the Auto Master Systems without having to duplicate data entry efforts.


You demanded it, we built it!

For years, customers have been asking for an integrated, PCI-certified, universal payment processing solution for Auto Master, and PaymentVision has delivered.

PaymentVision, with over 20 years of payment expertise, and Auto Master have joined forces to put together an exciting package for AMS users, unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Whether by ACH, check, credit card or debit card, entering and managing payments has never been easier, faster, and more secure.

Part 1 of this multi-part series demonstrates just how easy it is to process payments in AMS without having to duplicate data entry efforts.

Payment processing functions can be accessed through the Auto Master Payments Center. Let’s setup a customer to have installment payments automatically debited.

From the Payments menu, select “ACH PaymentVision,” and then “PaymentVision Account Setup.” This will open the PaymentVision Setup window.

To set a customer up on auto debit, a bank account must first be added to the customer profile.

Before adding a bank account to a customer profile, dealers can verify that the account is open, in good standing, and has not had any note-worthy NSF activity, by clicking on the “Verify Account” button.

This function can also be performed prior to taking a down payment on a new loan setup. This helps avoid returns, and gives the user an opportunity to request another form of payment while a customer’s present.

In this case, the bank account has been approved, so we’ll save it to the customer profile. This sends a tokenization request to PaymentVision.

Tokenization is a best practice for the secure storage of sensitive data. With tokenization, bank account and credit card data is never stored in the dealer’s business environment. Instead, a token is issued, which is like a substitute for the account.

Future dated payments can be processed against the token, without the liability of storing the actual account information. Only the last 4 digits are retained for display purposes.

Now that our bank account has been tokenized and saved to the customer profile, we can enroll the account in auto debit. This can be done by clicking on “Recurring Setup” from within the PaymentVision setup window.

Installment payments can either be debited on the contractual due date, or another date, that is more closely-aligned with the borrower’s pay day.

Next, let’s process a real-time credit card payment. From the payment center, select source type “PVCC” for real-time credit card payment. Users can choose to process a payment using an existing credit card, or enter a new one. We’ll enter a new one.

By placing a check in the store information on file box, the credit card can be saved to the customer profile for future payments.

Click save/post to complete the transaction. This will tokenize the credit card for future payment requests, process our current payments in real time, and post the payment to the customer account, all with the click of a button. When complete, the system will ask if I would like to print the receipt.

As a user of the Auto Master system, you are eligible for all these enhancements.

Call to set up a 15 minute demonstration to grasp the possibilities, accelerate your receivables, and start saving money today.

PaymentVision… Get plugged in, why settle for less?